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SHA2017 Badge Clone

a few months ago @doebi and i thought it would be nice to get into ESP32 and the SHA2017 badge hardware. Doebi tried the emulator and created his first app: the weather-app. Soon after this we realized, that the emulator did not support more advanced and more hardware based functions. So i decided to build a badge clone for prototyping and testing.

SHA2017 Badge Clone

main components:

ESP32 WROOM board - Amazon
waveshare e-paper 2.9" - Amazon
MPR121 board - Amazon

Schematic Drawing

Schematic Drawing Large

The I2C lines for the MPR121 need 4.7K pullup resistors and VUSB sensing needs a voltage devider. For the buttons I used some copper foil as electrodes.
Later i added some WS2812 LED´s (Datapin on IO32) If you use WS2812 LED´s you have to change this in menuconfig befor build...

the original firmware works with this parts:

SHA2017 badge Firmware

in menuconfig are this things to change:

Component config --> SHA2017 Badge --> SHA Badge e-ink default display type --> GDEH029A1
Component config --> SHA2017 Badge --> Enable MPR121 debug messages
Component config --> SHA2017 Badge --> DISABLE MPR121 hardcoded baseline values

after autoflash, the MPR121 is to calibrate.
Befor the first OTA i had to set a flag on the badge via serial in the monitor by:
( thanks to tsd from the badge team ... to flash every new firmware was boring )

   1 import badge
   2 badge.nvs_set_u8("badge", "", 1)

The clone works fine with my powerbank, but maybe i will add a LIPO charger board to it. (LIPO charger board)

DON´T forget to wink :-) (Apps-->Graphics-->Winkekatze)

Winkekatze on the clonee

WorldWideWinkeKatzen Project by Aurel: (Winkekatze github)


a physical visualization of weatherdata

Water is live. Without water nothing organic exists.

This water installation visualizes - in a symbolic way - how rain brings the whole world to life. A valve is mounted on rails. Through it, drops of water fall on a surface, that is covered with white fabric. This fabric is coated with hydroscopic colour - as soon as a certain spot gets wet, the white colour becomes transparent, and the image underneath is becoming visible. It is not immediately possible to tell, what the image is. The installation invites to stay longer and watch the world map showing through more and more. To emphasize the association of life, nature and growth, the whole land on the world map is green.

The „rain“ is consisting of single drops, which only fall if it really rains on a certain position on earth, according to a synchronized weather app. The whole world map will never show - on the one side because it never rains at the same time everywhere, on the other side because the synchronization with the weather app is not permanent but happens in intervals. Also strong rain in one region is being translated into minimal dropping.

This minimalistic approach stresses the importance and the incalculable value of the creation of life and how fragile our ecosystem really is.

more info + video: Watermap blog

OSC Gyro-Device

OSC Gyro-Device

PCB OSC Gyro-Device

OSC Gyro-Device Demo DeepSpace

Video at ArsElectronica DeepSpace (8K Projection + Lasertracking + OSC Demo) : Video DeepSpace

Effect Pad

Effect Pad
more pictures and a few videos here: (

a touch and proximity sensing MIDI Controller
based on the Teensy 3.1 microcontroller and the MPR121/CAP1188 sensing Chips

the antennas are laser engraved to the back of the Plexiglas LED and filled up with conductive paint. WS2812 RGB LED´s are used to light up the fields.


multiplexing LED´s and buttons with an AT328 microcontroller


MotorShield on an ATMega 2650 Arduino Board

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