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3D-Drucker / MEGA50

Make Everything Great Again 50

A modern and modular machine around a CoreXY mechanism.

Feature Creep / Roadmap

The MEGA train goes 584 km/h and is unstoppable. Except at these vital waypoints:

  • CoreXY - The head of everything, to be used without the frame
    • 60x60cm aluminium plate with two mounted NEMA 17 and all the gantry
    • can be placed into the frame
  • Electronics - The brains necessary
    • Smoothieboard?
  • Frame 60x60x70cm (?)
    • Extruded 20x20 aluminium, black
    • plexiglas panels (GS quality) on all sides, hinged doors at the front and top
  • Tool modules
    • simple system to replace the tool on the XY gantry and swap any extra support tools (e.g. filament spools) on the outside of the case
    • Pen holder to express our greatness on artisan Postkarten
    • 3D Printer with Bowden extruder
    • laser cutter
    • CNC mill for PCB fabrication

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