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Super Mario Count

Replacing humans with electronics!

source code on (mirror:

  • Wemos D1 Mini
  • SSD1306 Display 128x64 with yellow and yellow OLED display
  • Buttons to increment/decrement a number.


  • When entering DevLoL apply a small amount of force to the M+ button until the counter has incremented by one. Repeat for each of your personalities

  • If you are the first user the screen may blank, but do not get distracted, this is only TheForce conjuring your mind.

  • When saying GoodBye to DevLol and your friends, press the M- and exit the premises. TheForce will again blank your vision of the display if you are the last to leave.


  • Third button

early prototype stage
with buttons from a table calculator, installed on the YellowBoard

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