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Circuit-Bending/Hardware Hacking Cafe

Circuit Bending is the creative act of bridging and manipulating circuits to gain a wide spectrum of hidden sounds and images from musicals toys to semi/professional video and audio hardware. The circuit bender is an adventurer hunting down the connections of circuits for interesting noises and visualisations. This Circuit Bending Cafe is a monthly meetup place where we discuss, build, bend things, share our ideas and knowledge, and hopefully make some music! Everybody is invited to come share ideas about bending, learn how to bend or just to make some collaborative noise! Things we are interested in are especially:

  • Creating simple synthesizer circuits with inverters
  • Hacking Cd-Players and Walkmans for new interesting sound mods
  • Hacking and bending musical toys and radios
  • Writing our own musical programs using the free/OpenSoure Software Pure Data

  • Building Mixers and Matrices from scratch
  • All sorts of DIY-LoFi-Circuits and Instruments

  • DIY-Microphones, Pickups, Speakers, Amplifiers
  • Making Sounds together

Feel free to bring your lost musical toys from your childhood, broken sound circuits from the fleamarket, guitars and effects, videomixers, cd-players and walkmans.

We bend everything that is not connected to 230 Volts. Things that will be bent should best run on battery!

So bring your toys and make some noise!


  • Mo 2014-02-17 18:30 @ devlol
  • Mo 2014-02-03 18:30 @ devlol
  • Mo 2014-01-20 19:00 @ devlol
    • Zu viert haben wir ein mini-Klavier zerlegt, eine Ampel gebaut und die Sternenwolken beschleunigt


  • 2014-01-20 22.29.39.jpg

Doris first Synth Traffic Light Style! BlinkieBlinkie!!!!!

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