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Gpg Password Grep

  • This is a small perl hack, nothing fancy..


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example / usage

  • password files are located in $HOME/.p/
  • this is hardcoded (it's a small script.. easy to change)
  • assume: a hostgroup called 'foo' with 2 machines: 'alpha' and 'donkey'
  • sample password file $HOME/.p/foo.gpg

  • alpha root ptZPXbQrRI3kWesiJGZwzmx
    alpha mysql root o4Sl3DuCRfmVzx7ywcGlI2k
    alpha mysql app n956i87PPmAaBWBlEPD6TI7
    donkey root IODtmQ9QEnDUAyqkRMJVwPn
    donkey user UZQ7IWXUXnU5Ib5wcAFpB0r
  • password exctraction:
  • $  pwgrep foo alpha mysql
    ## gpg password stuff ommited - nice if you use gpg-agent or similar stuff (with timeouts of course..)
    several results found:
     0: alpha mysql root
     1: alpha mysql app
    select a result: 0
    selected alpha mysql root
  • now the mysql root password of machine alpha is selected

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